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  • 191 Litres (~10 bags of shopping)
  • Annual Energy Use: £48.51
  • Safe for Garage Use
  • Easy Defrosting
  • Good Amount of Space
  • New Electronic Controls
  • No Counterbalanced Lid

Medium size garage friendly unit that just gets on with the job. Comes with one basket

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In Detail

A popular medium sized freezer from Fridgemaster that has 198 litres of usable interior space which is about 10 full bags of shopping.

New Electronic Controls

A recent redesign has seen new electronic controls replace the older rotary dial for more precise temperature setting. An improvement in efficiency means the unit is now promoted to group E in the A-G rating scale.

Not Confined to the House

Like most people, you may not have space to accommodate a chunky cabinet like this around the house, but Fridgemaster have your back!

They've confirmed this freezer is suitable for outbuildings such as garages, even if the temperature gets as low as -15 degrees Celsius thanks to its WinterGuard feature.

User feedback is very good overall, with people praising both the freezer's compact size and suitability for the garage. Given its size, another basket wouldn't go amiss though as there is plenty of room while still allowing access to items underneath.

Key Features

The front drain port is easily accessible and makes defrosting much simpler

One wire basket is supplied which allows you quickly grab your most used items

The 'clean back' hides the delicate condenser, looks neater and is also flame retardant

WinterGuard technology means this freezer will safely work in unheated outbuildings

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Fridgemaster MCF198B Logik L198CFB23 Hotpoint CS1A300 Fridgemaster MCF297
Capacity 191 litres 191 litres 198 litres 312 litres 297 litres
Width 89.1 cm 89.1 cm 77 cm 118 cm 111.4 cm
Energy Use 198 kWh/year 198 kWh/year 221 kWh/year 296 kWh/year 231 kWh/year
Garage Use? Yes No No No No
Price £189.00 £209.00 Not in Stock Not in Stock £269.00
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this freezer frost free?
No freezers are currently frost free. Manufacturers recommend defrosting twice a year. Unplug the drain port at the front to let defrosted ice from inside run off into a suitable container.

How much clearance do I need on each side?
you should leave at least 10cm (3") around each edge to allow for good airflow.

Does this freezer have a 'step' inside?
Yes, in common with most freezers there is a boxed-off area at the bottom that contains the motor electrical components. This is not included in the 95 litres of storage.

Comments & Feedback

Site visitor

We bought this Chest Freezer to supplement our Freezer storage capacity. We have found it to be an excellent purchase, holds a good quantity of food ((approx 10 bags of shopping. Quiet in operation and requires no maintenance

Site visitor

I am very happy with my freezer,it has lots of space for large joints and other Christmas is working really well in my outbuilding, very quiet motor and I am now able to do lots of cooking and baking for myself and my family

Site visitor

We bought this to replace our tall freezer that failed and have found it to be very good indeed and at a fantastic price. It's more than big enough for us, but not too big that we couldn't get it downstairs into our basement.