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Mini Freezer or Tabletop Freezers

When a chest freezer is just too big and you don't have the space (even for the slimmest chest freezer at just 50cm wide), consider a mini freezer - also known as counter-top or table-top freezers.

Counter Topcounter-top freezers

These mini marvels can chill down to -18 degrees just like a normal freezer but take up a fraction of the space, and will happily sit on any counter top just like your toaster or microwave.

Two (Shopping) Bags Full

Of course, their storage capacity is limited but even so they can comfortably hold more than 30 litres (just about two full bags of shopping) - plenty enough for some frozen burgers, a kilo of chips, and a tub of ice cream as well as a tray of ice cubes.

Freezing On-The-Go

Ideal for caravans and motor homes as well as kitchenettes and annexes in the home, they offer full freezing capabilities in a compact package.

tabletop freezers

Black or White

There's a surprisingly large choice, with some well known brands chipping in with their offering. Some are even available in a stylish black finish as an alternative to the usual white.

Under a Ton

Expect to pay a premium for such a freezer with a higher purchase price per litre than larger freezers (though running costs are low)

Engineering the miracle of frozen technology in such a small space doesn't come cheap, though it's not prohibitively so with good choice under £100.

Specification Summary

Here are 4 table-top mini freezers available right now, and where to buy:

  Lowry LTTFZ1Lowry
Russell Hobbs RHTTFZ1Russell Hobbs
Essentials CTF34W18Essentials
Summary Black or white case Black or white case Most expensive Largest capacity here
Capacity 31 litres 31 litres 31 litres 33 litres
Width 47.2cm 47.2cm 47.2cm 44cm
Height 49.2cm 49.2cm 49.2cm 51cm
Depth 45cm 45cm 45cm 47.5cm
Energy Use (yr) 146 kWh 146 kWh 146 kWh 150 kWh
Colours White, Black White, Black White White
Price £109 £129 £159 £99.99
Retailers   Currys   Currys   AO   Currys

Price at publication time

Spot The Difference

So one of the first things to mention about 3 of the 4 freezers is that they all appear to be very similar. Same measurements, capacity and styling. This isn't that unusual in the world of appliances - many smaller brands will be rebadged versions of more well known products.

We are not sure why LEC have decided to put such a high price on their version as it doesn't seem to offer anything extra over the others - even the warranty period is that same at 12 months.

The Lowry or Russell Hobbs are obvious choices here, with the added bonus that they are both available in a snazzy black offering as well as the traditional white. LEC does differentiate itself here - by not offering the black version.

More Space

If you need a bit more space, then the Essentials - a Curry's own brand - freezer is worth considering as it manages to squeeze an extra 2 litres from a cabinet that is barely any bigger than the others. It is also quite keenly priced compared to the smaller units, though it will cost you a few pence more per year in running costs.

Points to Note

These mini-freezers are proper refrigerated devices just like a full size freezer, so many of the same rules apply:

  • They are not frost free and will require periodical defrosting
  • They are not suitable for garages or other unheated outbuildings
  • They still need adequate ventilation around each side