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Where to Get Replacement Chest Freezer Baskets

Chest freezer makers are notoriously mean at providing baskets with their products! Many people ask us where they can get extra baskets from.

Replacement Chest Freezer Baskets

Some retailers allow you to purchase extra baskets at the time you buy your freezer so this is worth looking out for - and it's the easiest option to get the correct basket.

If you already have your freezer, then we've found a number of places online that have a good range of chest freezer baskets for popular makes.

Some of the older or less well-known freezer brands are a little elusive, but the links below seem to have a fair few available with most reasonably priced from around £15.

Important: You may need your freezers' exact model number in order to search for the correct, compatible basket. You can usually find this on a label near the power supply or control panel, the user manual, your receipt or order confirmation.

Currys Partmaster

PartmasterPartmaster is the UK's largest retailer of electrical spares and accessories and is part of the same group that owns Currys so it should know about parts for everyday electricals! It has over 21 years experience and boasts over 1 million spare parts available for quick delivery.

Currys Partmaster


eSpareseSpares is one of the UK's largest supplier of spares, parts and accessories for all household appliances with around 100,000 in stock for next day delivery. They offer parts for most white goods and kitchen appliances, as well as lawnmowers. If you just want a vacuum bag or cooker knob they do them too!



BuySparesBuyspares deal with over 1.5 million spares and accessories from more than 500 manufacturers and their main warehouse has enough space to ensure 120,000 are always in stock for quick delivery. They also have their own YouTube channel with many useful how-to videos.



ZanussiBuy replacement Zanussi freezer baskets direct from the maker! They have a number of different baskets available, and you can search for your freezer model to make sure of getting the right part.

Baskets at Zanussi


HaierBuy genuine replacement baskets direct from the manufacturer. They have a few baskets available, though stocks are limited. Note: Prices are in Euros.

Baskets at Haier

Hamster Baskets

Hamster BasketsYes really! They started making custom stacking freezer baskets over 50 years ago and also make pet baskets (though that's not where the name came from!)

They charge a reasonable £20 per basket. Be sure to closely follow their instructions for measuring up.

Hamster Baskets