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New Appliance Energy Ratings 2021

New Appliance Energy Efficiency Ratings Explained

Just as we have got used to A or A+ rated appliances, it's all change from 1st March 2021 as a new rating scale comes into effect for washing machines, washer-dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers and wine coolers.

In fact, many appliances already carry their new energy rating label alongside the old one.

Most refrigeration appliances on the market are currently rated A+, A++ or even A+++, meaning that they are clustered at the top of the current energy rating scale.

New Bands

The efficiency rating bands have therefore been rescaled and revert to A to G, with no plusses.

New Appliance Energy Rating Label Described

There is also a new rating for noise in addition to the number of decibels.

F is the New A

Most chest freezers that are currently rated as A+ will be classed as F under the new system.

But this isn't as scary as it sounds - although an F rating under the old system is dreadfully inefficient, new E and F classes will still be high efficiency appliances.

Initially A rated appliances will be very rare - generally B will be the highest rating.

We will be updating our product guides with the new ratings as they become available from the manufacturers.

Large Appliance Facts

  • An A+ fridge freezer uses 40% less energy than a similar model from a decade ago
  • 85% of the materials in large appliances are recycled
  • For every 3 large appliances bought in the UK 2 are recycled