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Disposing of Your Old Chest Freezer

If you are purchasing a new chest freezer you may be wondering how on earth to dispose of the old one, particularly if it's no longer in working order.

Disposing of Your Old Chest Freezer

Even the best chest freezer will give up eventually, although we have heard from people who have 20 or 30 year old units still functioning. Maybe they were more robust back in the day?

New for Old Swap?

A number of retailers have an optional recycling service that can take the old one away when they deliver your new model - expect to pay around £20 as an additional cost, although sometimes they will offer it for free as an incentive.

Council to the Rescue?

Some local councils will collect bulky items including old appliances for free - it's worth checking their website for details although like a lot of things, it can be something of a postcode lottery.

It's important to prepare for this though:

make sure the old freezer is unplugged, emptied and defrosted before collection. Also ensure there is a clear path so both the new freezer and the old one can be moved with the minimum of fuss.

If you need to dispose of the freezer yourself, then visit this handy website:


Just enter your postcode and it will highlight on a map the location of your nearest recycling depot that will accept old freezers - usually your local council dump (or a neighbouring one).

Of course you can use this website to dispose of many other bulky appliances so it is worth bookmarking - you never know when you might need it!