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On this page, We are looking at some of the best affordable chest freezers in a variety of popular sizes that provide a good set of features and represent great value for money - there's sure to be one to fit both your needs and budget.

Our website was established in 2011 and over the last 12 years we've helped thousands of people select their ideal chest freezer!

Best Cheap Chest Freezers by Size


Logik L95CFW23 chest freezer


Fridgemaster MCF198 chest freezer


Logik L308CFW23 chest freezer

Extra Large

Haier HCE519F chest freezer
Brand LogikFridgemasterLogikHaier
Model L95CFW23MCF198L308CFW23HCE519F
Capacity 95 litres198 litres308 litres519 litres
Width 54.5cm80.2cm112cm165cm
Energy Use 168 kWh per year221 kWh per year289 kWh per year385 kWh per year
Price £119£179£279£599
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Small Size

Logik L95CFW23

  • Price£119
  • Capacity95 litres
  • Width54.5cm
  • Garage Safe?YES

This is often one of the cheapest chest freezers on the market, and offers a useful 95 litres of space in a compact package.

Plus points include being suitable for using in the garage, a convenient front drain port for easier defrosting and one basket to help with organising your frozen goodies.

It takes 5 full bags of shopping and will cost around £50 per year in running costs, which is about average for this size. This freezer is a Currys own brand and has been available for a few years now (under its previous Essentials brand name), garnering some really positive user feedback.

  • Garage safe
  • Good user feedback
  • Easy defrosting
  • Only 1 basket
  • Fiddly recessed handle
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Medium Size

Fridgemaster MCF198

  • Price£179
  • Capacity198 litres
  • Width80.2cm
  • Garage Safe?YES

This is the most affordable medium sized freezer that has the added bonus of being garage compatible.

This well-regarded from budget appliance specialists Fridgemaster offers 198 litres of storage (about 10 bags of shopping) making it a great choice for a 4 person family.

The front drain port simplifies defrosting, although a missing counterbalanced lid could be inconvenient. Perfectly suitable for garage use (down to -15°C) thanks to its WinterGuard technology.

There are a couple of other drawbacks such as no lockable lid (to keep the kids away from the ice-creams!) and some people find the recessed handle fiddly compared to the proper chunky handle of some (albeit more expensive) rivals.

There is even a stylish black version available with all the same features although they do charge a £10 premium for the posher colour scheme.

  • Safe for garage use
  • Great value
  • Front drain port
  • No counterbalanced lid
  • Only one basket
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Large Size

Logik L308CFW23

  • Price£279
  • Capacity308 litres
  • Width112cm
  • Garage Safe?NO

New for 2023, this is a large capacity deep freeze from Curry's own brand of value-priced appliances featuring modern touch controls.

This is a feature packed new freezer with over 300 litres of space - enough for 15 bags of shopping - this is ideal for a busy family household.

They've been a bit stingy with baskets - there are only two - but you do get an interior light, a lockable lid, and a front drain port for easy defrosting. It's even mounted on castors to make it easier to move into place.

Being a new model, it does away with the old fashioned rotary dials and has push button controls with fancy cool blue LED lights.

One disappointing aspect is that unlike smaller Logik freezers this one is not suitable for garage use, although this is not uncommon with freezers of this size. Given its size this might be difficult to place in the house unless you have a spacious kitchen or utility room.

  • Huge capacity
  • Easy to use controls
  • Interior light and lockable lid
  • Not safe for garage use
  • Only two baskets
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Extra Large Size

Haier HCE519F

  • Price£599
  • Capacity519 litres
  • Width165cm
  • Garage Safe?NO

A simply huge freezer with well over 500 litres of storage space which is enough to easily swallow 26 bags of shopping.

Haier is a popular Chinese brand that has a good partnership with premium German brand Liebherr so you are naturally getting good quality mechanicals at a reasonable price point.

It has a high spec too, with a lockable lid, an interior light and a front drain port for easy defrosting - they've been really mean with baskets though - only two are supplied for all that space!

On the downside and like a lot of larger freezers, this one is not suitable for garage use so you'd better have plenty of space available indoors to accommodate its 165 by 75cm (5.5 x 2.5ft) cabinet.

There are no old-fashioned rotary dials here - everything is digital with push button controls and an LED readout of the internal temperature.

This isn't particularly cheap when compared to smaller models but it is one of the very few freezers over 500 litres and availability is generally quite good. Alternatives would include hard to find models from Miele and Leibherr themselves but you will pay a significant premium if you can even find one.

  • Cavernous interior
  • Interior light or lockable lid
  • Touch controls
  • Not garage compatible
  • Only 2 baskets supplied
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Buying a Chest Freezer

During the pandemic, chest freezers among many other appliances, vanished from shelves due to supply chain disruptions, causing a temporary shortage in availability.

When they did start to become available again they were very expensive, with even the small ones retailing over £150 (having been around £100-120 pre-pandemic).

We are happy to see them come back down to what we could consider normal prices, and that supply issues are also a thing of the past now.

A chest freezer is an excellent investment for any household, allowing you to save money on meal preparation and bulk buying frozen food.

It will certainly pay for itself over time and running costs (frugal at around £50-£120 per year depending on the size) shouldn't be anything to worry about even with today's high energy prices.

What to Look For When Buying a Chest Freezer

Here are some important things to look for when buying a chest freezer. Find out more in our complete freezer buyers guide.

  • Works in the Garage
    Probably the most important point for many people. Even a small chest freezer can be bulky and few of us have the luxury of extra space around the home to accommodate them, so chest freezers are often banished to the garage or shed Can a chest freezer work outside?
  • Food Safe Time
    During a powercut for example, how long the temperature of frozen food takes to rise from the normal -18 degrees Celsius to -10 degrees Celsius at which it will start to thaw and spoil. Read more about this
  • Front Drain Port
    When you inevitably need to defrost (no chest freezers are frost free) a water drain port at the front can save a lot of hassle when carrying out this chore
  • Counterbalanced Lid
    A lid that is counterbalanced means that it will stay open without you needing to hold it up. Useful when you have your hands full with bags of food from the weekly shop

Comments & Questions

Site visitor

What is the estimated annual energy consumption?

Site administrator
UK Chest Freezers

Bigger freezers are more efficient on a size vs energy use basis. A 100 litre freezer will cost around £50 per year in electricity usage, while a 400 litre freezer uses around £102 of electricity annually.

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What size freezer is most suitable for me?

Site administrator
UK Chest Freezers

A small freezer is ideal for a 1-2 person household or as an overflow for a large house, a medium to large freezer is best for families and an extra large would be ideal for both household and small home-based business use.

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Does a freezer require professional installation?

Site administrator
UK Chest Freezers

No, once in place simply plug in, set the temperature you want and wait a few hours for it to be cold enough to place food in. Read the instructions carefully as to how much new food you can put in at once. Installation and removing an old freezer are optional services that you can pay for when you order your new one.