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Cheap Chest Freezers

Cheap Chest Freezers

Buying a chest freezer need not be an expensive move and may pay for itself when you bulk buy frozen food. There are plenty of good value models on the market right now. If you are not experiencing the benefits of good quality frozen food then you are missing out!

Here we are looking some of the best value chest freezers in a variety of popular sizes that provide a good set of features at an affordable price - there's sure to be one to fit both your needs and budget.

The pandemic has somewhat upset supply chains and the effect is still being felt now. Expect some issues with items being out of stock - we are now showing some 'see also' freezers.

The Benefits of Buying Frozen:

  • Food that is frozen straight after picking or preparing is as good as fresh food
  • Save food waste by freezing unused food instead of throwing it away
  • It's convenient to have a wide range of food on hand that is ready to use
  • It can often be cheaper to bulk buy food and keep it in the freezer for the months ahead

At a glance specification table

Here is our handy guide to the chest freezers on this page: (prices are correct at time of review, check product page for latest)

Freezer Model Capacity Energy Use Garage? Price
Fridgemaster MCF96 95 litres 168kWh Yes £159
Fridgemaster MCF142 142 litres 192kWh Yes £180
IceKing CF202W 202 litres 223kWh Yes £229
Beko CF1300APW 360 litres 303kWh Yes £369
Haier HCE-429F 429 litres 333kWh No £429

Average selling price at time this article was published

1. Fridgemaster MCF96

Fridgemaster MCF96

Compact and garage friendly with some good user feedback. Comes with one basket

One of the cheapest chest freezers on the market as well being one of the narrowest at just 54cm wide, this popular unit makes a great 'overflow' freezer if you need a bit of extra space or if your deep freeze requirements aren't that great.

At this low price you don't get much in the way of extras, but there is a counterbalanced lid and one removable basket is supplied.

Fridgemaster say that this is suitable for outbuildings such as garages, even if the temperature gets as low as -15 degrees Celsius thanks to its Winter Guard feature.

Users like its compact nature and that it just gets on with the job, though the recessed handle in the side annoyed some - they would have liked a proper handle at the front in the usual place.

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See Also: IceKing CF97W, 97 litres

2. Fridgemaster MCF142

Fridgemaster MCF142

A good value freezer with decent storage that is safe to work in the garage

This medium sized freezer from popular brand Fridgemaster can store up to 7 bags of shopping and is safe to use in the garage.

As with most value freezers, at this price level you don't get much in the way of extras such as a lockable lid, but one removable basket is supplied.

A front-mounted drain port helps make the chore of defrosting easier and the freezer can keep food safe for up to 32 hours in the event of a power cut which is pretty good going.

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See Also: Logik L142CF, 142 litres

3. IceKing CF202W

IceKing CF202W

Can store around 10 bags of shopping and is verified by manufacturer to work in a garage

With space for around 10 bags of shopping, this freezer is ideal for a busy household.

It needn't take up any space in the house either, Fridgemaster say that this is suitable for outbuildings such as garages, even if the temperature gets as low as -15 degrees Celsius thanks to its Winter Guard feature.

A front-mounted drain port helps make defrosting easier, although there are not many other features such as an interior light or lockable lid, though the lid is counterbalanced.

Only one basket is supplied which is a bit miserly, although not unusual at this size level.

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See Also: Logik L198CF, 198 litres

4. Beko CF1300APW

Beko CF1300APW

A garage friendly freezer that has a good specification for the money

A cavernous 360 litres of space and a great set of features mark this Beko out to be a real king of large freezers.At under £1 per litre it is good value for money and fairly economical too given its generous size.

Like other Beko products, it's well specified with a lockable lid and an internal light and we are also glad to see that 3 baskets are supplied to help you organise all that space.

It is also suitable for keeping in a garage or outbuilding and Beko's FreezerGuard technology means it will be safe down to -15 degrees Celsius.

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See Also: Haier HCE319, 319 litres

5. Haier HCE-429F

Haier HCE-429R

One of the biggest chest freezers available with over 420 litres of usable space

This big freezer has a huge 429 litres of usable space making it one of the largest chest freezers on the market at the time of writing - some of the larger models are currently out of stock.

It is well equipped with an interior light and a lockable lid and a front drain port is fitted to make the chore of defrosting that much easier.

A recent update has added a handy LCD readout of the inside temperature. Despite all that space only 1 basket is supplied - one or two more wouldn't go amiss Haier!

Haier is a popular Chinese brand that has a long-standing partnership with premium German brand Liebherr, so quality should be pretty good. It's economical too, using only 333kw/h of electricity per year despite its size.

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