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Saturday 13 July 2024

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Small Chest Freezers UK Buying Guide

Small Chest Freezer

A small chest freezer can be really useful as a backup to your main freezer, or if you don't have the space or budget for anything bigger. Here is our round-up of the best chest freezers (less than 150 litres) on the market.

Small Chest Freezers

Frequently Asked: Should I Replace My Old Chest Freezer?

Old Chest Freezer

Is your chest freezer over 20 years old? Does it makes excessive noise or always seem to be running? Constant frost build-up? Perhaps it's time for an upgrade! Read our upgrade checklist.

Replace Your Chest Freezer?

Chest Freezer Too Big? Try Table Top Freezers ("Mini Freezers")

Counter Top Freezer

When even a small chest freezer is just too big for your space, consider a mini-freezer - also known as a counter-top or a table-top freezer.

Mini Freezers

Chest Freezers from a High Street Chemist? That's the Boots Advantage!

Boots Storefront

Did you know that Boots, the popular high street chemist, has been selling kitchen appliances online for a few years now? Upgrade your freezer and earn Boots Advantage points!

Chest Freezers at Boots

Are Chest Freezers Suitable for the Garage?

Garage and Garden Landscape

A question we are often asked is "Can I use a chest freezer in a garage or other unheated outbuilding?" We have written an in-depth article on this, and identified those freezers that are confirmed to work safely in these conditions.

Garage Freezers

Featured Chest Freezers

Cheap as Chips! Chest Freezers on a Budget

Plate of Chips with Fork

We've researched the latest freezer models and found the best affordable chest freezers in each size category.

Cheap Chest Freezers

Do Frost Free Chest Freezers Exist?

Frost Build-Up in a Freezer

We get asked about this more than anything else. So where are they all and why does frost build up in the first place?

Frost Free Chest Freezers
worktop organiser


We're glad to see this stepped worktop organiser back at Poundland - keep everything looking neat and tidy and within easy reach for just £1!

Where to Buy Extra Baskets for your Chest Freezer

Chest Freezers Baskets

Chest freezer makers are notoriously stingy when supplying baskets with their products. We've tracked down the top online basket sellers.

Chest Freezers Baskets

Revealed: Annual Energy Cost for Every Chest Freezer

Electricity Pylon

How much does it cost to run a chest freezer? Find out chest freezer electricity use with our animated graph comparing them side-by-side.

Chest Freezer Costs

About the New Energy Efficiency Rating System for Home Appliances

Electricity Pylon with Energy Labels

A new energy rating scale came into effect for all home appliances in March 2021. Find out what changed and how to read the new energy labels supplied with every new electrical appliance.

New Energy Labels

How Safe is Your Frozen Food After a Powercut?

Thawing Ice Cubes

Powercuts are a rare occurrence these days, but do you know how safe frozen food in your freezer would be following a powercut?

Chest Freezers & Powercuts


Chest Freezers: all you need to know

children with ice creams

Here is a quick summary version of our exclusive buyers guide - read the full version here

Why Buy a Chest Freezer?
In short, you can save money and have more choice.

  • Bulk buy food cheaply to use over several months
  • Have a wider range of food options at meal time
  • Reduce waste by freezing some leftovers for later
  • Food that is frozen straight after picking or preparing is as good as fresh food

A Freezer in the Garage?
If you're looking for a freezer suitable for the garage, look out for models specifically designed for use in unheated outbuildings - more and more manufacturers are producing such freezers these days.

Measured in litres, the Net Capacity is the total usable space available inside for your frozen food.

Chest Freezer Parts

Energy Use
Appliance efficiency (rated from A - G under the new energy rating system) and consumption (kWh) give an idea of how economical the freezer is to run (it's running 24/7 remember). The most energy efficient appliances are rated A, although most freezers are rated F.

Measured in decibels (dB), this tells you how noisy the freezer is - useful if you will be keeping it indoors.

Food Safe Time
(Also known as rising time). In the event of a power cut, how long frozen food in the freezer is safe for.

Fast Freeze
This system freezes food quicker while still retaining flavour and texture. Can be a manual switch or an automatic system (in more expensive models).

A lockable lid is a useful security feature if the freezer will be kept in the garage or other outbuilding.

Counterbalanced Lid
A counterbalanced lid means it will stay open at a set angle and won't slam shut.

A front drain is more accessible and makes manual defrosting easier. Unfortunately unlike fridges, there are no frost free chest freezers.

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