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The Best Small Chest Freezers

Perhaps you have a limited budget but still need freezer capacity, or maybe space is a bit tight and you need a narrow freezer.

You might even have a main freezer in the garage but are looking for a small unit for inside the home.


On this page, We are looking at freezers that have less than 150 litres of storage which means they are typically 50-70cm wide, and therefore much easier to slot into a tight space - and won't cost the earth to buy or run.

Our website was established in 2011 and over the last 12 years we've helped thousands of people select their ideal chest freezer!

Best Small Freezers

Best Overall

Logik L95CFW23 chest freezer

Also Consider

Fridgemaster MCF96 chest freezer

Stylish Choice

Fridgemaster MCF96B chest freezer

Bit More Space

Logik L142CFW23 chest freezer


SIA CHF60W chest freezer
Brand LogikFridgemasterFridgemasterLogikSIA
Model L95CFW23MCF96MCF96BL142CFW23CHF60W
Capacity 95 litres95 litres95 litres142 litres51 litres
Width 54.5cm54.6cm50cm62.5cm34.5cm
Energy Use 168 kWh per year168 kWh per year168 kWh per year192 kWh per year144 kWh per year
Price £119*£119*£119*£149*£149.99*
  Summary ...Summary ...Summary ...Summary ...Summary ...

*Price at time of publication

Best Overall

Logik L95CFW23

  • Price£119
  • Capacity95 litres
  • Width54.5cm
  • Garage Safe?YES

This is often one of the cheapest chest freezers on the market, but despite the entry level status, it does manage a few flourishes.

It is suitable for using in the garage, has a convenient front drain port for easier defrosting and even includes one basket to help with organising your frozen goodies.

It takes 5 bags of shopping and will cost around £50 per year in running costs, which is about average for this size. This freezer is a Currys own brand and has been available for a few years now (under its previous Essentials brand name), garnering some really positive user feedback.

  • Garage safe
  • Good user feedback
  • Easy defrosting
  • Only 1 basket
  • Fiddly recessed handle
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Also Consider

Fridgemaster MCF96

  • Price£119
  • Capacity95 litres
  • Width54.6cm
  • Garage Safe?YES

Another entry level small freezer that is both garage friendly and some good user feedback.

Fridgemaster's budget-friendly chest freezer offers surprising features for its price. With 95 litres of storage, it's ideal for small households or as an overflow freezer.

The front drain port simplifies defrosting, although a missing counterbalanced lid could be inconvenient. Suitable for garages, it withstands -15°C with WinterGuard.

Despite minor inconveniences like recessed handles and a basic manual, its compact design, affordability, and garage suitability make it a popular choice.

  • Safe for garage use
  • Low price
  • Front drain port
  • No counterbalanced lid
  • Only one basket
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Stylish Choice

Fridgemaster MCF96B

  • Price£119
  • Capacity95 litres
  • Width50cm
  • Garage Safe?YES

The sleek black version of the white MCF96, this version shares that model's advantages wrapped up in a more stylish package.

Despite being basically the same model as the white version there is small extra premium for this one, though prices do fluctuate we've noticed. But can you put a price on style?!

It has the same 95 litres of storage which equates to about 5 full bags of shopping, and one basket is provided (there's probably room to squeeze one more in).

One strange thing, and something a lot of people have picked up on, is the controls are all labelled in black - which against the black cabinet makes things difficult to read.

That aside (and the fiddly recessed handles), this freezer is particularly suitable if you need to keep the freezer in the house as the modern black finish won't look so out of place.

  • Garage compatible
  • Stylish black cabinet
  • Good storage
  • Controls hard to read
  • You pay extra for the black finish
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Bit More Space

Logik L142CFW23

  • Price£149
  • Capacity142 litres
  • Width62.5cm
  • Garage Safe?YES

More spacious but still really quite compact at just over 2ft wide, this one is also perfect happy working in the garage.

If you can spare another 8cm width-wise compared to our above choices, then you can get almost 50% more storage capacity for only another £30, so this is good value. It is garage safe too, has a front drain port and comes with a counterbalanced lid and one basket.

This is another own brand from Currys - their Logik range which focusses on no-frills appliances at value for money prices. It can hold around 7 or 8 bags of shopping which is a decent amount, and has very good user feedback.

  • Great value for money
  • Garage compatible
  • Front drain port aids defrosting
  • Still only 1 basket supplied
  • No interior light or lockable lid
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  • Price£149.99
  • Capacity51 litres
  • Width34.5cm
  • Garage Safe?NO

The slimmest chest freezer in the UK at just 36cm wide yet still has 51 litres of storage and even manages to squeeze in one basket!

This is a bit of a wildcard and despite having half the space of our first choice, it actually costs quite a bit more.

Its compact size is also perfectly suited to use in a caravan, motorhome or boat and while not the most efficient on a size vs energy use basis, the 144 watts of annual energy usage works out to only about £45 per year.

  • Barely 1 foot wide
  • Counterbalanced lid
  • One basket supplied
  • Expensive for the capacity
  • Not garage safe
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Small Chest Freezers

There has been a lot of turmoil in the appliances market in the last few years - during the pandemic there were no chest freezers for sale at all due to supply chain issues.

When they did start to become available again they were very expensive, even the small ones on this page were retailing over £150.

We are happy to see them come back down to what we could consider normal prices, and that supply issues are also a thing of the past.

A chest freezer is an excellent investment for any household, allowing you to save money on meal preparation and bulk buying frozen food.

It will certainly pay for itself over time and running costs (frugal at around £50 per year) shouldn't be anything to worry about even with today's high energy prices.

Your Best Choices
Our top pick, the Logik L95 from Currys ticks all the boxes and is usually the cheapest small freezer on the market.

If you have a little more space available, then its big brother, the Logik L142 also from Currys is better value with almost 50% more capacity.

Other Freezer Options
If a chest freezer - even these diminutive ones - is still too big then consider a table-top freezer, on the other hand if you are looking for a bigger freezer but on a limited budget, check out some cheap chest freezers at a range of sizes.

What to Look For In a Small Chest Freezer

Given their lower price point, you can't always expect luxuries like interior lights or lockable lids, but here are three must-haves (and these tips are good for all chest freezers in general):

  • Works in the Garage
    Probably the most important point for many people. Even a small chest freezer can be bulky and few of us have the luxury of extra space around the home to accommodate them, so chest freezers are often banished to the garage or shed Can a chest freezer work outside?
  • Counterbalanced Lid
    A lid that is counterbalanced means that it will stay open without you needing to hold it up. Useful when you have your hands full with bags of food from the weekly shop
  • Front Drain Port
    When you inevitably need to defrost (no chest freezers are frost free) a water drain port at the front can save a lot of hassle when carrying out this chore

Comments & Questions

Site visitor

Are smaller chest freezers cheaper to run?

Site administrator
UK Chest Freezers

Bigger freezers are more efficient. A 100 litre freezer will cost around £50 per year in electricity usage. A 200 litre freezer uses around £70 of electricity annually.

Site visitor

Will a small freezer be suitable for my needs?

Site administrator
UK Chest Freezers

A 95 litre chest freezer like the Logik L95 can store about 5 full carrier bags of shopping making it ideal for a 1 or 2 person household.

Site visitor

Are there additional costs for delivery and installation?

Site administrator
UK Chest Freezers

Most retailers will charge around £20 for delivery. Installation and removing an old freezer are optional services that you can pay for when you order your new one.