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  • 78 Litres (~4 bags of shopping)
  • Annual Energy Use: £62.62
  • Compact
  • Front-Drain Port
  • 1 Basket Supplied
  • Not Garage Friendly

One of the narrowest full-size freezers on the market that can slot into almost any space

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In Detail

SIA chest freezers (an own brand of the Ship-It Appliances retailer) are known for their no-nonsense, value for money units that just gets on with the job. This is a very narrow freezer at just 48cm wide which means that it can fit into some challenging spaces a normal freezer may not.

Compact Chiller

The compact dimensions does mean it only has 78 litres of space on offer, but that's still enough to store about 4 full bags of shopping making ideal for a one or two person household, as a family overflow freezer, or in student accommodation.

Take it on Holiday?

Its compact size is also perfectly suited to use in a caravan, motorhome or boat and while not the most efficient on a size/consumption basis, the 202 watts of annual energy usage are perfectly acceptable for mobile living.

It's very basic and there are no fancy frills such as a lockable lid or light, but there is a high temperature alarm warning and one basket just squeezes in, though you may have to remove it to get to items below. A front drain port makes defrosting easier.

Key Features

The recessed handle saves valuable space

Despite its size, one basket is supplied

The controls are simple to use

Fits in a gap just over 1.5 feet wide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product suitable for outbuildings?
No it is not designed to be kept in unheated outbuildings where the temperature will dip below 10 degrees Celsius.

Is this freezer frost free?
No freezers are currently frost free. Manufacturers recommend defrosting twice a year. Unplug the drain port at the front to let defrosted ice from inside run off into a suitable container.

How many baskets are supplied?
One removeable wire basket comes with this appliance

How any watts does the freezer use?
Over the period of one year, it will use around 202 watts of electricity

How wide is the freezer?
It is 47.5cm wide but when installing allow a couple of extra centimetres on each side for air flow.

Comments & Feedback

Site visitor

With limited space available in my utility room and the need of extra freezer storage I decided on this small chest freezer and I’m very impressed at the size and space within. Perfect for our needs!

Site visitor

This is a good freezer. Was slightly annoyed having to pay more because its slimline. It is big enough for my family so overall happy with the freezer.

Site administrator
UK Chest Freezers

Yes you do pay more for less effectively, but such narrow freezers are very hard to come by!

Site visitor

Great item - very quiet and being slimline it doesn’t take up much space at all. Working well and we’re very pleased.

Site visitor

I am happy with this freezer because it fitted in a small space and it seems robust. The lid opens easily and closes firmly. The drain plug and dials are at the front.