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  • 413 Litres (~21 bags of shopping)
  • Annual Energy Use: £81.59
  • Easy Defrosting
  • Internal Light
  • Lockable Lid
  • Not Suitable for Garage

Huge capacity, good feature set including a lockable lid and a handy interior light

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In Detail

No more freezer fights - this colossal freezer with over 400 litres of usable space: enough storage for 21 full bags of shopping.

Quality Heritage

Haier is a popular Chinese brand that has a long-standing partnership with premium German brand Liebherr, so there's peace of mind in terms of quality and reliability.

Energy Efficient

All Haier freezers have a galvanised aluminium interior for easier cleaning, and microcellular foam ensure high energy efficiency. In fact, the unit uses only 333kw/h of electricity per year which is quite economical given its storage capacity.

A handy LCD temperature readout tells you at a glance how cold the interior is, while an accessible front drain port will help when it comes to the chore of defrosting. An internal light and a lockable lid are useful extras too.

Key Features

Two wire baskets are supplied as standard

The chunky handle is easy to use with hands full of shopping

A bright light illuminates the large interior

The LCD readout accurately tells you the internal temperature

A clean back allows for a flush fit against the wall and keeps dust away

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product suitable for outbuildings?
No it is not designed to be kept in unheated outbuildings where the temperature will dip below 10 degrees Celsius.

Is this freezer frost free?
No freezers are currently frost free. Manufacturers recommend defrosting twice a year. Unplug the drain port at the front to let defrosted ice from inside run off into a suitable container.

Does this freezer have a 'step' inside?
Yes, in common with most freezers there is a boxed-off area at the bottom that contains the motor electrical components. This are does not take up any of the quoted storage capacity.

How many baskets are supplied?
Two removeable wire baskets come as standard with this appliance

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