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  • 95 Litres (~5 bags of shopping)
  • Annual Energy Use: £40.92
  • Safe for Garage Use
  • One Basket Supplied
  • Easy Defrosting
  • Good User Feedback
  • No Counterbalanced Lid

Compact and garage friendly with some good user feedback. Comes with one basket

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In Detail

An entry level freezer from Fridgemaster that packs in plenty plenty of features at a budget price. It's a popular seller with some good user feedback.

Useful Features

Easily slotting into a space less than 2 feet wide, it offers 95 litres of usable storage - that's about 5 full bags - making it most suitable for a single or two person household, or perhaps an overflow freezer for a family.

One wire basket is supplied, and there's just space for another if you wish (around £30) though that will of course restrict access to items lower down in the freezer.

Easier Defrosting

We were pleased to see the freezer has a drain port located at the front which will make defrosting easier - some freezers hide this around the back necessitating moving the unit around.

There is however, no counterbalanced lid, so it won't stay open at an angle unless you hold it up - most rivals do include such a lid.

Key Features

The front drain port is easily accessible and makes defrosting simple

One wire basket is supplied which allows you easily grab your most used items

The 'clean back' hides the delicate condenser and is also flame retardant

WinterGuard technology means this freezer will safely work in the garage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy an additional basket?
Partmaster has them for around £20. Link to them and other basket options here

How much clearance do I need to fully open the lid?
You need at least 50cm in order to open the lid enough to reach inside.

How often should I defrost my freezer?
Manufacturers recommend twice a year. Unplug the drain port at the front to let defrosted ice from inside run off into a suitable container.

Comments & Feedback

Site visitor

Lovely little chest freezer, it's the perfect size for our overflow freezer. We have it in our outdoor shed, and it is running lovely, holds maybe 6 bags of frozen, very happy.

Site visitor

I purchased this around a month ago am very pleased with it. As a single person feel discriminated by the offers in supermarkets whereas, for example, buying 3 pro rata is significantly cheaper than 1, now can easily freeze the extra 2. Also I batch cook up to 6 portions.

Site administrator
UK Chest Freezers

Great - exactly what this freezer is designed for.

Site visitor

Bought this unit for extra freezer space to see us through cost of living crisis. It lives in the spare bedroom, just fits nicely up a corner and is nice and quiet. Highly recommend this unit.

Site visitor
Reet Petite

I bought this to go in my outside concrete shed so I can buy more frozen food. Also when I batch bake I needed some extra freezer space its just the right size,not to big or to small.

Site administrator
UK Chest Freezers

Sounds like your really making use of it!