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How Heavy is a Chest Freezer?

The average weight of a chest freezer in the UK is 38.3kg. That is across all sizes: - small, medium, large and extra large.

What is the Weight of a Chest Freezer?

Below is a breakdown of the weights of freezers in different size categories - these are average weights of chest freezers on sale in the UK during 2023.

Remember to add a few kilos for packaging material if you are dealing with a brand new freezer - thick cardboard and styrofoam can be quite heavy in bulk!

SMALL Chest Freezers - up to 150 litres

We found that small chest freezers weigh on average 24.9kg.
Examples include the LEC CF100 (99 litres) at 24kg and the Logik L142CFW23 (142 litres) at 26.6kg.

MEDIUM Chest Freezers - 151 to 250 litres

Popular medium sized chest freezers, suitable for a normal family, weigh on average 31.5kg.
Examples include the Logik L198CFB23 (198 litres) at 27kg and the LEC CFA250LW (249 litres) at 37kg.

LARGE Chest Freezers - 251 to 350 litres

Large chest freezers weigh on average 43.3kg.
Examples include the Russell Hobbs RHCF300 (292 litres) at 47kg and the Haier HCE-319F (319 litres) at 51kg.

EXTRA LARGE Chest Freezers - Over 351 litres

The biggest chest freezers weigh on average 63.5kg. Examples include the Logik L420CFW23 (420 litres) at 51kg and the Haier 519CF (519 litres) at 64kg.

We were asked the other day about the weight of a particular chest freezer which got us wondering as to how heavy they actually are.

Why would you need to know the weight of a freezer? Maybe you are planning to collect one yourself, or perhaps the delivery company won't take the freezer upstairs if you live in a flat.

When new, they are mostly empty of course and mechanically they are relatively simple so how much can they weigh?

It seems that the insulation used is surprisingly heavy, although that is a good thing because better insulation can give better efficiency as well a better protection to the contents in the event of a powercut.


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