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Kitchen Conversion Chart - US to UK

There are many wonderful resources for recipes on the internet, but if you're looking at American websites then you might be a little confused by their use of imperial measurements such as cups or fluid ounces.

Kitchen conversion US to UK measurements

You'll also find they use 'sticks' for measurements of butter, and did you know that an American pint is smaller than a UK one?

We've just created this handy reference guide below which will allow you to easily convert these measurements into the metric equivalents you are a little more familiar with.

You can also download a PDF version so that you can print it out and put it up on your kitchen wall for easy future reference.

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Ounces (oz) to Grams (g)

1 oz = 28.4g
2 oz = 56.8g
3 oz = 85.2g
4 oz = 113.6g
5 oz = 142g

Pounds (lb) to Grams (g)

1/4 lb = 112.5g
1/2 lb = 225g
3/4 lb = 337.5g
1 lb = 450g
1.5 lb = 675g

Cups to Grams (g)

Note that gram weights vary depending on the type of dry ingredient used

1 cup Flour or icing sugar = 125g
1 cup Butter = 225g
1 cup Sugar = 200g

Fluid Ounces (fl oz) to Millilitres (ml)

1 fl oz = 30ml
2 fl oz = 60ml
3 fl oz = 90ml
4 fl oz = 120ml
5 fl oz = 150ml

Cups to Millilitres (ml)

*Not to be confused with drinking cups, a US cup is a measure of volume

1/4 cup = 59ml
1/2 cup = 118ml
1 cup = 236ml
1.5 cups = 354ml


US teaspoon = 5ml (same)
US dessert spoon = 10ml (same)
US table spoon = 17.7ml UK (15ml US)


1 US pint = 473ml*
1 quart = 946ml
1/2 Stick of Butter = 56g
1 Stick of Butter = 113g

* 1 UK pint = 568ml

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