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Trade-In and Get Cashback on New LEC Freezers

Buy a selected LEC chest freezer from Appliances Online now, and get up to £40 when you get them to take your old one away!

Your old appliance doesn't even need to be working - just make sure it is empty, unplugged and disconnected so that it can easily be removed from your property. It will then be professionally recycled.

They are offering £20 cashback on the 150 litre LEC CF150LW, £30 on the 250 litre CF240LW and £40 on the 300 litre CF300LW.

In the case of the CF300LW, this brings the price down to £290 (after cashback) which is quite competitive for the size and specification.

Important: Make sure you tick the Trade-in box on the checkout page to qualify for your cashback. You will receive the cashback into your account within 40 days of the old freezer being picked up.

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