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Market Update Autumn 2021

Chest Freezer Market Update Autumn 2021

Autumn is a popular time of year for sales of chest freezers, with people getting back to sorting out their homes after the summer break.

With supply chain issues in some sectors becoming quite newsworthy, here is our quick update on the chest freezer market right now.

Good Supply

Thankfully, we are not seeing a repeat of the supply issues we had back in the summer of 2020 when there were precisely no chest freezers at all for sale!

Supply does seem good across all retailers at the moment with plenty of choice on the different brands and freezer sizes.

Prices Up

What we are seeing is some price fluctuations, likely due to the extra shipping charges incurred when importing from abroad. Most white goods are manufactured in China.

These price changes are most apparent on small freezers, with the 100 litre models prices bouncing between the usual £130 and higher £150 mark.

Medium Sized, Best Value

As always, freezers in the 200 to 300 litre size bracket represent the best value for money with perhaps only an extra £10-£20 being added to prices.

Best Deals
Here are the best deals right now on small, medium and large sized chest freezers.

Small Freezers - around 100 litres
Fridgemaster MCF96 £160
Essentials C95CFW20 £150

Medium Freezers - around 200 litres
Logik L198CFW20 £210
Fridgemaster MCF198 £210

Large Freezers - 300+ litres
Logik L300CFW20 £280
LEC CFA300LW £299

Extra Large Freezers - 400+ litres
Logik L420CFW20 £380

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