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The Benefits of Frozen Food

You may remember that scene from the Fawlty Towers episode "Hotel Inspectors" where Basil explains to a fussy dinner guest that although the peas WERE frozen, they were fresh at the time of freezing!

Benefits of Frozen Food

It might be one of the few useful things he's said, but it is true - food that is frozen straight after picking or preparing is as good as fresh food. Here are some other benefits of frozen food:

  • Reduce food waste and save money by freezing leftovers or unused food so that you can use it another time
  • It's quick and convenient to have a wide range of food on hand that is ready to cook
  • It can often be cheaper to bulk buy food and keep it in the freezer for the months ahead
  • Today's modern chest freezers are so much more economical than previous models
  • Increasingly, manufacturers are guaranteeing their freezers will work in a garage or shed so they don't need to take up any valuable space indoors
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