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Creating a Shortlist

What is a shortlist?

It's a group of products that you are interested in, displayed side by side so that you can compare them easily.

How do I start a shortlist?

Simply browse the site as you normally would. When you see a product you would like to compare against others, tick the box to add it to your shortlist.

Where can I find the tickbox?

On product pages it's below the main picture.

On product index or search results pages you will find it at the bottom left of the product box.

I can't see the tickbox?

This features required cookies to be enabled in your browser. It uses these to remember which products you selected as you move about the site. If cookies are not enabled, this feature is not available to you.

How can I view my shortlist?

There are several ways - click on the blue shortlist link next to each tickbox, use the 'Shortlist' link at the top of the screen or in the 'My Shortlist' section in the main menu.

How do I remove a shortlist item?

Simply untick the box. If you do this on the shortlist page itself, the page will reload to update your shortlist items.

How many items can I add?

There is no limit to the number of items in your shortlist.

Will I lose my shortlist if I close my browser?

No, the use of cookies ensures that your selection will be remember for 30 days.