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Kenwood K250CFW17
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  • Safe for the Garage
  • Front Drain
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  • Safe for Garage Use
Full Specification

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The amount of actual usable interior space for storage of food

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Whether the manufactured has confirmed that this freezer can be safely used in unheated spaces where the temperature may drop close to or below, freezing (0 degrees Celsius)

Minimum ambient air temperature of place where the freezer will be used

Total width of the unit. Remember to allow a couple of centimetres air gap around the sides

Total height of the unit (with lid closed)

Total depth of the unit. Remember to allow a couple of centimetres air gap at the back

Total amount of energy the freezer will use in one year, based on normal usage (1 kWh = 1 unit of electricity)

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Whether the lid has a lock fitted in the handle (useful to stop young children opening the lid)

Whether the freezer has an interior light that comes on when the lid is opened

Noise rating of the compressor in decibels. Particularly important if the freezer will be kept in a room inside your property

Maximum time that the freezer can keep food safe to eat in the event of a powercut. May also be called the rising time.

No chest freezers are currently frost-free. Find out why in this article

In Detail

You may know Kenwood as the maker of kitchen appliances such as the famous Kenwood Chef so it's interesting to see them making a move into larger appliances. Except, they're not! This freezer is actually made and sold by Currys under a licensing agreement with Kenwood making it a Kenwood in name only.

That shouldn't detract from the product itself however, as the specification is very high and we know that Curry's other own brands - Logik and Essentials have a reputation for being good products at a low price.

This medium sized chest freezer does tick at the right boxes. For a start it is garage safe down to -15 degrees Celsius, there's a lockable lid and interior light and a front drain port for easier defrosting. Two baskets are supplied.

It also has a rather high-tech control panel conveniently situated in the chunky handle, which also shows the current internal temperature.

At 43 hours the foodsafe time is pretty good too and the energy consumption is about average for the size.

It's as attractive as a chest freezer can be and with a high specification and some good user feedback, it's worth a look if you are after a medium sized freezer to sit out in the garage.

Great value medium sized freezer that's packed with features and safe for the garage

Kenwood K250CFW17

£259.99 from Currys | Shop Now

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