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Beko CF374W
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Key Features
  • Prices from £173.00
  • 104 litres of Space
  • 1 Basket
  • Safe for Garage Use
Full Specification

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The amount of actual usable interior space for storage of food

We've categorised freezers into small, medium, large and x-large

Whether the manufactured has confirmed that this freezer can be safely used in unheated spaces where the temperature may drop close to or below, freezing (0 degrees Celsius)

Minimum ambient air temperature of place where the freezer will be used

Total width of the unit. Remember to allow a couple of centimetres air gap around the sides

Total height of the unit (with lid closed)

Total depth of the unit. Remember to allow a couple of centimetres air gap at the back

Total amount of energy the freezer will use in one year, based on normal usage (1 kWh = 1 unit of electricity)

Ranked according to energy efficiency. Most are A+, those ranked A++ and even A+++ are very economical

Whether the lid has a lock fitted in the handle (useful to stop young children opening the lid)

Whether the freezer has an interior light that comes on when the lid is opened

Noise rating of the compressor in decibels. Particularly important if the freezer will be kept in a room inside your property

Maximum time that the freezer can keep food safe to eat in the event of a powercut. May also be called the rising time. More details...

In Detail

This is an entry level freezer in the Beko range and has 104 litres of usable space so it's fairly compact. Like most at this size/price, it doesn't have many frills like an internal light or lockable lid, and there's no drain port so defrosting will involve scraping ice off and mopping out water.

However, unlike most other freezers at the size level, it is suitable for use in garages or outbuildings down to -15 degrees Celsius! This is due to Beko's FreezerGuard technology which appears on all their current chest freezer range.

This does make it marginally more expensive then other 100 litres models, but we think it's worth it for peace of mind if you intend using it outside the home.

Touch more expensive than similar sized models, but is safe in the garage down to -15C

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