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15 August 2019NEWS

Small Chest Freezers

Frozen Food, PeasThere are many reasons to buy a small chest freezer - perhaps you have a limited budget but still need freezer capacity, or maybe space is a bit tight and you can only slot in a very small freezer. You might even have a main freezer in the garage but are looking for a small unit for inside the home.

Whatever your reason, there is plenty of choice around so we've taken a close look at some of the best small chest freezers for sale, and rounded up our best buys for 2019.

We have limited our search for freezers that have less than 150 litres of storage which means they are typically 50-70cm wide, and therefore much easier to slot into a tight space.

What to look for when buying

Given their lower price point, when buying a small chest freezer you can't expect luxuries like interior lights or lockable lids, but there are some must-haves (and these are good for all chest freezers):

  • Works in the Garge
    Probably the most important point. Even a small chest freezer can be bulky and few of us have the luxury of space these days so chest freezers are often banished to the garage or shed. Being able to work safely here is important
  • Counterbalanced Lid
    a lid that is counterbalanced simply means that it won't slam shut on you when open - useful when you are loading bags of food
  • Front Drain Port
    When you inevitably need to defrost (no chest freezers are frost free) a water drain port at the front can save a lot of hassle
  • Roller Feet
    Rollers instead of fixed feet will make installing and moving the unit easier

At a glance specification table

Here is our handy guide to the compact chest freezers in this review (prices are correct at time of review in, check product page for latest):

Freezer Model Garage? Capacity Energy Use Width Price*
Essentials C61CF13 no 60 litres 153kWh 49.9cm £99
Essentials C97CFW18 yes 95 litres 168kWh 53.6cm £109
Logik L142CFW17 yes 139 litres 191kWh 69.7cm £139
Beko CF374W yes 104 litres 173kWh 53cm  £179
Haier LW-110R no 110 litres 190kWh 63.4cm  £304

* Average selling price at time this article was published

1. Essentials C61CF13

"A narrow chest freezer for small spaces"

Essentials C61CF13This is an own-brand freezer from Currys and is just about the cheapest chest freezer on the market right now.

It is quite basic and doesn't even have a counterbalanced lid, though one wire basket is provided and a front drain port makes defrosting a bit easier.

At just less than 50cm it's one of the slimmest chest freezers and will slot into a very narrow space in your kitchen or utility room.

Curry's say that this is suitable for an outbuilding, howver the ambient air temperature must not dro p below 10 degrees Celsius. This unit does not have any kind of freezer guard tech that allows it to work safely in colder conditions. Full Details

2. Essentials C97CFW18

"Good user feedback and quiet running - works in the garage too"

PEssentials C97CFW18One of the cheapest chest freezers on the market, this own brand unit from Currys makes a great 'overflow' freezer if you need a bit of extra space or if your deep freeze requirements aren't that great.

At this price level you don't get much in the way of extras, but there is a counterbalanced lid and one removable basket is supplied It's great for the garage too and can work in temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius.

Despite their small size, some cheap small freezers can still be quite heavy on electricity, but happily this model's energy usage is well below average. Good user feedback on this unit really makes it one to consider if you just need something small and cheap. Full Details

3. Logik L142CFW17

"Good storage for the price"

Logik L142CFW17Logik is a Curry's own brand that offer a very popular range of chest freezers as well as many other household appliances. They are usually big on features and low on price.

This is the biggest one of the group but worth considering given the amount of space for the price. It is supplied with two baskets which is unusual at this price but there are no other extra like a light or a lockable lid.

There is a front mounted drain port to make defrosting easier (we'd always recommend looking for a freezer with this and most do). The best feature of this freezer is that it is happy to work in a garage - down to -15 degrees Celsius in fact. Full Details

4. Beko CF374W

"Great for the garage"

Beko CF374WThis may be the most expensive of the freezers we are looking at here, but it does manage to squeeze 104 litres into it's fairly compact frame yet still remain relatively economical.

The main feature of this freezer is FreezerGuard - Beko's proprietary technology that allows the freezer to work even when outside temperatures are as low as -15 degrees Celsius.

We are a little disappointed with the rising time (the length of time after which food will start to spoil in a power cut) of 18 hours, but you would have to be quite unlucky to suffer a power cut for longer. Full Details

5. Haier LW-110R

"Unusual but clever design"

Haier LW-110RThis freezer stands out among not just the others here but all other chest freezers with its clever drawer design.

The unit is divided into two compartments with a conventional lid for the top section and a handy pull out drawer for the lower section.

Not only does this make better use of the available space, but it is so much easier to get to products stored at the bottom of the freezer without having to dig through all the other stuff first! The only drawback is that very large items that would normally fit in a single freezer may not fit either compartment.

You also do pay quite a bit more for this compared to a freezer of a more regular design. Full Details