Is Your Food Safe in a Powercut?

Melting Ice

Thankfully powercuts are a rare occurrence these days, but have you stopped to think how safe the food in your freezer would be during a powercut? You need to look for something called the "rising time".

Food Starts Thawing at -10c
Manufacturers and retailers might also call this the "powersafe time" or "food safe time". In any case, this is the length of time that the temperature of frozen food takes to rise from the normal -18 degrees Celsius to -10 degrees Celsius at which it will start to thaw and spoil.

Average Rising Time Over 18 hours
The rising time does vary from freezer to freezer. A lot freezers can keep food safe for well over 18 hours which is good news as most power cuts rarely last this long. However we are disappointed to see LEC freezers have a rising time of only 5 hours.

Premium Brands Offer Better Times
At the other end of the scale, some brands like Bosch and Miele with their thicker insulation and better build quality have rising times of 48 hours or more. Some cheaper brands like Beko and Logik also have impressive rising times.

Helping You Decide
When we can get that information from the manufacturer, we are now starting to show the rising times on our products pages to help you choose the right freezer for your needs.

Important Note
If food has started to thaw, you should use it promptly or dispose of it if you are really not sure. Do not re-freeze without cooking, especially meat and chicken. Only bread is safe to re-freeze once defrosted.