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23 October 2018NEWS

So, You Want to Buy a Frost-Free Chest Freezer?

Frost Free Chest Freezers
How to Prevent This?

You've probably been searching high and low for a chest freezer that is also frost-free (just like your fridge freezer is).

Sorry to disappoint you, but there aren't any.

But all is not lost! There are ways to make defrosting less of a chore, but first let's get an overview of the problem.

Why Ice Builds Up in the first Place

Condensation from (non-frozen) food you've just put in there or from warm air entering when you open the door, introduces moisture which will freeze and create frost.

The moisture generally finds its way to the coldest area, which after a while is going to be the ice already formed. Hence the build-up gets bigger.

How Frost-Free Appliances Work

A Frost-free appliance uses heating elements to melt ice build-up every so often. This means the internal temperature will rise during this process, though it should never get warm enough to totally thaw any food.

A chest freezer needs to keep food at a constant -18 degrees Celsius so this heating method is not suitable.

We have also in the past seen chest freezers that have fans inside to remove the warm air and moisture but they only reduce frost build-up, not eliminate it. They are also noisier and use more energy.

Defrosting Advice

Manufacturers recommend defrosting twice a year. Here are some tips to make that process less painless:

  • Looking for a chest freezer that has a front drain port - when you come to defrost, it will be easier to remove the water
  • To limit moisture build up, when using the freezer don't keep the lid open for too long or keep opening and closing it
  • When placing new food in the freezer, ensure it is properly wrapped or stored in suitable containers to keep moisture from escaping to the freezer compartment. It will also keep food fresher

Search for Freezers with a Front Drain

If you are looking for a new chest freezer, pick one with a front drain port for hassle-free defrosting!

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