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1 August 2018NEWS

Chest Freezer Trends for 2018

You might not think it, but there have been some interesting developments in chest freezers over the last year or so - new freezers are becoming more energy efficient and user friendly. Here are some useful features to look out for when purchasing your next freezer.

Garage/Outbuilding Use

Good for the garageA lot of freezers are kept outside the home because most people just don't have space for them indoors. In the past most manufacturers have advised against this because their products have only be designed to work down to around 10 degrees Celsius.

Thankfully, more manufacturers are producing freezers that can work in sub-zero temperatures. most Beko models have FreezerGuard technology that allows working down to -15 degrees, while Iceking, Logik and Russell Hobbs also have models that are suitable for use outside the home.

Thicker Insulation

Better insulation materialsMore freezers are coming with thicker and better quality insulation in the casing which offers much better energy efficiency thus keeping your electricity bills down.

As a side benefit, this extra insulation helps with longer "temperature rising times" - in a powercut, this is the time that food remains edible. Some freezers can achieve 40 hours or more, though most can manage 24 hours.

Black Cabinets

Black chest freezerChest freezers have traditionally always been white in appearance but in the past we've some some manufacturers briefly dabble with silver. Last year we saw some stylish glossy black models from Russell Hobbs and Logik which look like they are here to stay.

They are slightly more expensive than their white counterparts, but this should be offset by their ability to better match your kitchen's colour scheme!

Split Level Chest Freezers

An interesting and stand-out feature on the recently launched Haier LW110R is that the unit is divided into two. The top half is accessible via the usual lift up lid, while the bottom level is essentially a pull-out drawer. Very ingenious, and we would hope to see this on more freezers.

Other Features

Look for freezers with a front drain port to make defrosting easier, castors to make moving easier and a counterbalanced lid to stop it slamming shut when you're filling it with the weekly shop.