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15 August 2018NEWS

Cheap Chest Freezers

Cheap Chest Freezers
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As Cheap as (Frozen) Chips!

Buying a chest freezer need not be an expensive move and there are plenty of good value models on the market right now. Here we are looking at some of the best value chest freezers in a variety of popular sizes that provide a good set of features at an affordable price - there's sure to be one to fit both your needs and budget.

At a glance specification table

Here is our handy guide to the chest freezers in this review: (prices are correct at time of review, check product page for latest)

Freezer Model Capacity Energy Use Garage? Price*
Essentials C61CF13 60 litres 153kWh No £90
Logik L142CFW17 139 litres 191kWh Yes £160
Logik L200CFW18 198 litres 221kWh No £170
WhirlPool WHE31352F 311 litres 218kWh no £269
Beko CF1300APW 360 litres 303kWh Yes £349
Zanussi ZFC41400 400 litres 323kWh No £309
Haier BD519RAA 519 litres 385kWh No £369

* Average selling price at time this article was published

1. Essentials C61CF13

"Compact and surprisingly economical"

Essentials C61CF13One of the cheapest chest freezers on the market, this Currys own brand unit makes a great 'overflow' freezer if you need a bit of extra space or if your deep freeze requirements aren't that great.

At this low price you don't get much in the way of extras, but there is a counterbalanced lid and one removable basket is supplied.

Despite their small size, some cheap small freezers can still be quite heavy on electricity, but happily this model's energy usage is well below average.

Good user feedback on this unit really makes it one to consider if you just need something small and cheap. Full Details

2. Logik L142CFW17

"A garage friendly compact freezer"

Logik L142CFW17This is the smallest freezer in the Logik range, which is another of Curry's own brand of electrical goods. Their focus is on low prices and high specifications and this freezer doesn't disappoint.

There aren't too many extra frills, so no interior light or lockable lid. We're glad to see 2 baskets supplied too, even at this low price. A front mounted drain port will make defrosting easier (no need to move the unit around) and the powersafe time is okay at 24 hours.

Currys say that this freezer can be used in a garage,even if the temperature dips below -15 degrees C. Full Details

3. Logik L200CFW18

"Extremely good value for nearly 200 litres of space"

Logik L200CFW18Another budget level model from Logik which offers a good amount of space for a very small price. This one has almost 200 litres of space and would make a great main freezer for a small family.

As with most value freezers, at this price level you don't get much in the way of extras, but one removable basket is supplied.

Like other Logik models, this freezer can be used in the garage even if the temperature drops to -15 degrees C.

The powersafe time of 30 hours is really quite good. This is the length of time the food remains safe in th event of a powercut. Also available in Black. Full Details

4. Whirlpool WHE31352F

"An economical freezer rated A++ and comes supplied with 3 baskets"

Whirlpool WHE31352FEven with a useful 311 litres of space, this Whirlpool is very economical and earns a rare A++ for energy usage. The foodsafe time of 45 hours is also above average.

Other extras include a lockable lid and an internal light, and an LED control panel conveniently located on the lid, while 3 wire baskets are generously supplied.

Available from the Co-Op with free delivery - you can even choose your timeslots which is really helpful. Extended warranties are available at a reasonable extra cost. Full Details

5. Beko CF1300APW

"Likes the garage and has a good specification"

Beko CF1300APWA cavernous 360 litres of space and a great set of features mark this Beko out to be a real king of large freezers. At under £1 per litre it is good value for money and fairly economical too given its generous size.

Like other Beko's, it's well specified with a lockable lid and an internal light and we are also glad to see that 3 baskets are supplied to help you organise all that space. It is also suitable for keeping in a garage or outbuilding and Beko's freezerguard technology means it will be safe down to -15 degrees C. Full Details

6. Zanussi ZFC41400WA

"A large capacity freezer with some nice features"

Zanussi ZFC41400WAThe Appliance of Science, as they used to say, has produced this great value freezer with a huge 400 litres of usable space. They haven't skimped on the baskets either, there are 3 available here.

There is no lockable lid, but a bright light illuminates the interior and a front mounted drain port makes the chore of defrosting much easier.

As you would expect on a freezer of this size, the lid is counterbalanced to stop it slamming shut while you're digging around inside, and the sturdy hinges are made from metal not plastic.

Just to clear up one point, although Zanussi state that this freezer has a shielded condensor, it is not suitable for unheated garages or places where the temperature will dip below 10 degrees Celsius. Full Details

7. Haier BD519RAA

"A great value big freezer"

Haier BD519RAAThis big freezer has a huge 519 litres of usable space making it one of the largest chest freezers on the market.

There's a light and a lockable lid and a front drain port is fitted to make the chore of defrosting that much easier. Despite all that space only 2 baskets are supplied - one or two more wouldn't go amiss Haier!

Haier is a popular Chinese brand that has a long-standing partnership with premium German brand Liebherr, so quality should be pretty good. It's economical too, using only 385kw/h of electricity per year despite its size. Full Details