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Welcome to UK Chest Freezers. Whether you are looking for a chest freezer suitable for the garage or a large capacity deep freezer, you'll be pleased to know we've got all the latest news, information and deals on the best chest freezers currently on the market!

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  • Summary for 06 July 2015

    CODE Save £20 on orders over £300 at Co-Op with code JUL-20 (exp. 16/07/15)

    CODE Save £25 on orders over £349 at Currys with code LSKA25 (exp. 05/07/15)

    LARGE IceKing CFAP400 with huge 360 litres now just £270!

  • Spare Freezer Baskets

    Spare Freezer BasketsChest freezer makers are notoriously stingy when it comes to providing a decent amount of baskets with their products.

    Many people ask us where they can easily obtain extra or replacement freezer baskets from. Well, one such place that has a good range is Amazon.

    There seem to be a fair few available most priced at around £20 including delivery. Make sure you carefully check your model number so you get the right one though!

    Find: Spare Chest Freezer Baskets at Amazon

  • Revealed: Annual Energy Cost for Every Chest Freezer

    Electricity Usage ComparisonThe ever-rising cost of electricity is always on peoples minds these days, but do you know how much each household appliance actually uses? It might surprise you to know how little a chest freezer uses despite being on all the time. Here is our comparison graph that shows all current chest freezers and their energy usage.

    View Comparison Graph

  • Small Chest Freezers

    A small chest freezer can be extremely useful as a backup to your main deep freezer, or if you simply don't have the space or requirements for anything more substantial. In this updated article, we take a look at 7 popular small freezers (around 100 litres) that are great value for money and all offer something different in their own little way! [More...]

  • Cheap Chest Freezers

    Money is tight, even for life's necessities so we've researched the market for you and found the top 6 cheap chest freezers. In this updated article, we've chosen models at different sizes so there's bound to be one to meet your needs whether it's an additional overflow freezer to your main one, or a big deep freeze for the whole family. [More...]

  • Chest Freezer Questions and Answers

    We are often being asked freezer related questions, some of which are already answered in our buyers guide or some of our other news items below.

    However, to help you out, here is a quick rundown of some of the most frequently asked queries - hope it helps!

    What are chest freezers?
    Think of it as a freezer on its back with the door opening at the top. This allows for easier storage of bulky items and less cold air is released when the door is open.

    Are chest freezers frost free?
    At the very low temperatures that these units work at, frost will inevitably build up, so no freezer is completely frost free. Some of the more expensive ones do have valves or fans to circulate the cold air more, but even these will need defrosting at some point.

    Are chest freezers suitable for garages?
    We've written a whole article on this! In summary though, the rule of thumb has been that a chest freezer cannot be reliably used in an unheated outside space (garage, shed, outbuilding) where the ambient air temperature will be below 10 degrees Celsius. However, more manufacturers these days are making freezers that can safely withstand much colder temperatures. You can find them on this page.

    Is a chest freezer easy to defrost?
    It's quite straightforward. You need to remove any food inside and switch the freezer off. As the ice melts it will run out of the drain port if fitted. It's easier if this port is located at the front rather than the side or rear. Some cheap freezers may not have a drain - then you'll need to scoop or mop out the water!

    How much does a chest freezer cost to run?
    Are chest freezers energy efficient?
    This depends on its energy use and that depends on its size. Typically though a chest freezer will cost £30 - £40 per year in electricity use so much less than £1 per week. Bigger freezers tend to be more efficient than smaller ones per litre of storage.

    Which size chest freezer?
    Which freezer is best?
    This is primarily going to depend on what space you have available - they do take up quite a bit of floor space especially width wise. Also, how much are you going to use it? 100 litre freezers are quite small and ideal for flats or as an overflow to your main freezer but may be too small as a main freezer for a family.

  • Register Your Appliances!

    It is important to register any new household appliances that you purchase for 2 very good reasons:

    • You may receive an extension to the warranty or guarantee period
    • You can be advised of any recalls that the manufacturer makes to a product if they have identified any potential problems with it

    You can now do this easily through the website, Register my Appliance, and you'll also some useful household safety tips. It's run by AMDEA, who are an independent UK trade association for the manufacturers of small and large domestic appliances.

  • Black Chest Freezers are Finally Here!

    Black Chest FreezerYou may already have noticed that all chest freezers seem to be plain white. In the past some manufacturers have dabbled with silver chest freezers but they tended to be quite difficult to get hold of.

    Now Russell Hobbs has added two models to it's range that have a very contemporary jet black paint finish - and they're both available from Argos right now!

    The smaller unit has 100 litres of internal space and the other one has 142 litres. You do pay a bit more for these compared to their white equivalents, and features wise they are quite basic although they are slightly more economical than similar sized rivals.

    But if you need your chest freezer to be sleek and trendy then look no further.

    Full details on Russell Hobbs black chest freezers

  • The Iceking Range from the Co-Op

    If you are looking for a medium to large sized deep freezer then consider the popular Iceking range which is exclusively available from respected online retailer the Co-Op Electrical Shop who offer free delivery and a range of optional extended warranties at sensible prices. [More...]

  • Focus on ... Whirlpool Chest Freezers

    Whirlpool WHE31342FWhirlpool are a US brand with over 100 years experience in making home appliances, and its products have been available in Europe since 1989.

    Their current range of chest freezers have very good specifications and are competitively priced. Out of the three models generally available, all have lockable lids and interior lights.

    Our pick of the bunch is the hi-tech WHE31352F which an LED control panel conveniently mounted on the lid. It also comes with 3 wire baskets to help your organise the generous 311 litres of space.

    More: View the whole Whirlpool range

  • Chest Freezers Suitable for the Garage?

    Chest Freezers in the garage?An often asked question is "Can I use a chest freezer in a garage or other unheated outbuilding?" The answer, according to most manufacturers is actually no. They usually only design their refrigeration appliances to operate down to about 10 degrees celsius. This is fine most of the year but of course temperatures can dip below this in winter.

    We all know that many people do keep their fridges and freezers in garages and experience no problems at all - sometimes this may just be down to luck!

    Some manufacturers know that many people have limited indoor space and claim that their chest freezers suitable are for the garage or indeed any other type of outbuilding. Zanussi and Ice King confirm that their products can be used in a garage or shed while Beko go a stage further and claim their products are designed to work down to -15c degrees.

    Read More: Special Report: Chest Freezers In The Garage?

  • John Lewis Chest Freezer Range

    John Lewis Chest FreezersDid you know that John Lewis have their own brand of chest freezers? They are actually made for them by Electrolux but this is no bad thing.

    There are 4 models in the range from the entry level 100 litre model to the top of the range 400 litre beast, so there is one for every purpose. All their freezers are OK to be kept in a garage or outbuilding.

    Of course, John Lewis are renowned for their superior customer service and a good example of this is the 3 year warranty supplied with all their appliances. Plus free delivery and setup - and they'll even take away all the packaging for you!

    Although you pay a slight premium for these models over some rivals, it is not excessive and we think the extended warranty and excellent service more than makes it worthwhile!

    See the John Lewis Chest Freezer Range

  • Choosing An Energy Efficient Model

    Electricity PylonWith electricity prices at an all time high, and set to rise further in the future it makes sense to consider just how energy efficient your home appliance are.

    This is particularly true of refrigeration appliances like fridges and freezers which are always connected to the mains.

    The electricity consumption of home appliances is typically measured in Kilowatt Hours (kwh) and quoted as an annual figure: eg 200 kwh per year. As 1 Kilowatt Hour is 1 unit of electricity, a freezer requiring 200 kwh per year will use 200 units: at an average 12p per unit that's around £30.

    This doesn't sound like a lot over a year but it's always worth looking at the energy rating of a freezer when purchasing a new model, especially large ones that can easily use 400+ units per year.

    Premium brands such as Bosch or Liebherr are more expensive to buy but generally have much lower energy usage mainly due to superior insulation. This better insulation also has a bonus as it will protect the contents for much longer in the case of a power cut.

  • Get The Most From Your New Chest Freezer

    Here are some simple and straightforward tips to make sure that you get the most out of your new appliance - it's not always a case of just chucking all your shopping into it!

    • There is a limit to how much can be frozen within a 24 hour period. Don't exceed this as it can raise the temperature possibly leading to a partial thaw
    • Only freeze top quality, fresh clean food
    • Try to prepare food in small portions so that is can freeze more rapidly; this will also help when thawing out as you only need to thaw the amount required
    • Wrap food to be frozen in cling film or foil, and make sure that the package is as airtight as possible
    • Transfer your shop bought frozen food into your freezer as quickly as possible to prevent partial thawing
    • When filling your freezer, try not to keep the lid open too long.
    • Don't put fizzy drink cans or bottles into the freezer as the containers will explode and possible damage the appliance
    • Frozen liquids like ice lollies and ice cubes can cause skin damage if you handle them too quickly after removing from the freezer. Allow a couple of minutes before touching or consuming them.
    • When positioning your freezer, make sure the plug socket is easily accessible in case of an emergency and you need to switch the unit off
  • Award Winning Liebherr

    Not content with producing the world's first A+++ rated chest freezer, Liebherr, the German appliances to construction to industrial machinery group, has just picked up another award for their corporate promotional video - making 5 in total now!

    The short film features their products in use, and desite the wide range of industries they work in, things move seemlessly along.

    It's no doubt helped by the specially written musical score, which itself won an award for Best Film Music at the Jerry Goldsmith Music Festival in Spain.

    View: Liebherr Corporate Film

  • The Magic of Refrigeration

    Have you often wondered how your chest freezer works? Just how can it maintain temperatures as low as -18 degrees for an average running cost of about 50p per day?

    We realised the need for refrigeration back in prehistoric times when people would gather ice in winter and store it in cool, dark caves or insulated dugouts for when the warmer weather arrived.

    Luckily things have advanced a bit since then, although the basic principle of keeping items cool in an insulated container remains. Read more about the history and workings of refrigeration on this very informative Wikipedia page.

    Read More: How Refrigeration Works (on Wikipedia)

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  • Disposing Of Your Old Chest Freezer

    If you are purchasing a new chest freezer you may be wondering how on earth to dispose of the old one, particularly if it's no longer in working order (even the best chest freezer will give up eventually). Well, a number of retailers have a recycling service that can take the old one away when they deliver the new one.

    You can expect to pay around £10 as an additional cost from most retailers when you request your old freezer to be disposed of.

    It's important to prepare for this though: make sure the old freezer is unplugged, emptied and defrosted before the delivery. Also ensure there is a clear path so both the new freezer and the old one can be moved with the minimum of fuss.

    If you need to dispose of the freezer yourself, then visit this handy website: Recycle-More. Just enter your postcode and it will highlight on a map the location of your nearest recycling depot that will accept old freezers.

Chest Freezers: all you need to know

Here is a quick summary version of our exclusive buyers guide - read the full version here

Why Buy a Chest Freezer?
A chest freezer is an extremely useful appliance these days - with the cost of food rising, being able to bulk buy and store for months at a time is a real boon for hard-pressed families.

A Freezer in the Garage?
If you're looking for a freezer suitable for the garage, look out for models specifically designed for use in unheated outbuildings. Most makers don't recommend it (though most people do it and suffer no harm!).

Measured in litres, the Net Capacity is the total usable space available for your frozen food.

Energy Use
The energy rating (A - G) and consumption (kWh) give an idea of how economical the freezer is to run (it's running 24/7 remember). The best appliances are rated A+ or even A++.

Measured in decibels (dB), this tells you how noisy the freezer is - useful if you will be keeping it indoors.

Food Safe Time
How long frozen food in the freezer is safe for in the event of a power cut.

Fast Freeze
This system freezes food quicker while still retaining flavour and texture. Can be a manual switch or automatic system (more expensive models).

A lockable lid is a useful security feature if the freezer will be kept in the garage or other outbuilding.

Counterbalanced Lid
A counterbalanced lid means it will stay open at a set angle and won't slam shut.

A front drain is more accessible and makes defrosting easier. Some also use special crystal bags to absorb moisure and limit frost build up.

Read the Full Buyers Guide